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Accelerated growth

Over the past decade, Alexander has helped organizations scale their marketing operations. He has repeatedly doubled email open rates and website impressions for companies of all sizes. He will help you identify underutilized segments with the greatest growth potential.

Genuine engagement

Clicks don’t matter if no further action is taken. Alexander has developed tools to engage audiences through personalized marketing strategies and authentic messaging. He can teach you how to increase the value of your current audience and expand it to develop new opportunities.

Expanded influence

Influencer marketing is better than any testimonial. Alexander will help you create new opportunities and grow your audience through identifying the influencers your company should be working with.

Authentic communications

This is a buzzword-free zone. Consumers are smart. Alexander will help you build trusting relationships through internal and external communications strategies that speak to your audience on a personal level.

In the first week of his employment, there were rumors flying that Alexander had single-handedly turned around our online strategy. It turned out to be more than just a rumor. Alexander is incredibly talented and intelligent while at the same time humble and trustworthy. I don’t know how he does it.
— Meghan Hounshell, Everbridge
I was always in awe of Alexander’s ability to get people on board with ideas—even people who were initially on completely different pages. His ability to inspire and shape change as a leader is unsurpassed. He’s results-oriented, creative, and truly an upbeat professional.
— James Edge, Crush


Harvard University

Dyn, Inc.

Everbridge, Inc.

Harper’s BAZAAR

Riso, Inc.

Branding / Influencing

Brooks Brothers


Tuft & Needle


Eastern Bank

Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce

Greater Hyannis Chamber of Commerce

Thoughtfully Gifts




Email marketing

Content marketing



Project Management

Staff development

Social media marketing

Brand management


Influencer marketing

Marketing automation

Brand design


Google AdWords

Google Analytics

Marketo Certified Expert